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Clearwater, Dunedin and St. Petersburg Real Estate

Tampa Bay is home to beautiful beaches, stunning sunrises and some of the most amazing real estate deals! We are so blessed to be Realtors in one of country’s top real estate markets and look forward to serving you!

The Tampa Bay area has many different cities and each comes with it’s own fun vibes!

The Clearwater Real Estate Market

Clearwater FL is home to many different types of residential real estate. Along the Gulf of Mexico and the intercoastal waterway, there are sprawling manions on waterfront lots overlooking dolphins and watercraft. Venture inland and there are old time neighborhoods with a flavor of the history of the area. Find out more about Clearwater Real Estate

The Dunedin Real Estate Market

Looking for small town charm? Dunedin FL is brimming over with it. From the quaint downtown area to the waterfront parks and family-friendly neighborhoods, Dunedin has something for everyone! Some of our favorite areas include Dunedin Isles, the Downtown homes, Fairway Estates and the waterfront condos with gorgeous views of the Gulf. Find out more about Dunedin Real Estate…

The St. Petersburg Real Estate Market

St Pete Real EstateAs fun as the other areas are, St. Pete offers much in the way of modern living. Downtown St. Pete is urban living at its finest with nicely appointed luxury homes as well as state of the art high rise condos. There are many other areas of St. Petersburg which include gorgeous old style luxury homes, quaint areas like Gulfport with artist charm as well as solid single family housing. Find out more about St. Petersburg real estate…

Clearwater and St. Pete Beach Real Estate

St. Petersburg FL Real EstateWe couldn’t let you go without mentioning our beaches! Stretching from Dunedin all the way down to the tip of Pinellas County, the beach real estate market is truly marvelous! High rise luxury condos often sit next to single family homes on the finger inlets and cute old fashioned beach properties are next to luxury mansions. Whether you are a high end buyer or looking for a second home condo, there are myriad of options for you to choose from! Find out more about Clearwater Beach Real Estate and St. Petersburg Beach Real Estate…

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Who Will Buy Your Home?

Who will buy your home? Why is that important? Well, you want to make your home as appealing to your target market as possible. Now you have to stage it to sell. So, figure out who will buy your home.

Who Will  Buy Your Home? How to figure that out depends on a few different variables. Things like your location and your price. Location is the biggest factor. Where is your home located? Is it in a city? A suburb? An up and coming neighborhood? An aging out neighborhood? Waterfront? Look around your neighborhood. Who do you see the most? Here’s how it all factors out. In the city you will probably be selling to young singles. In a suburb to families. In an up and coming neighborhood it could be either or young marrieds. In an aging out neighborhood either older couples, or young families. Waterfront to more affluent couples or families or boat lovers. Once you think it through, then you stage it appropriately. Singles or young marrieds, stage for things like entertaining space. For families, stage it to show how a family could use the space or to enhance the space for a growing family. For affluence, stage it to emphasize the high end upgrades. How you market your home matters.

The other consideration is the price you are asking for your home. Obviously you should price it appropriately for its market value. That said, if you want to market your home to get a particular kind of buyer, price it to attract them. If you want an affluent buyer, make sure you have the updates necessary, then price it in a bracket they will see. If you want singles, young families or first time buyers, then price it accordingly. Again, do so within the market value of the home, but if bumping it up just slightly to get a higher end buyer, or down to make it affordable for a young family, married couple or single, you can do that.

You can help determine who buys your home, just by thinking it through and staging it to appeal to that demographic and market your home correctly.

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How to Stage Your Home to Sell

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